Sustainably developing young potentials

HIPO Company enables students in the field of Management Information Systems to gain valuable experience. We do this by focusing on IT student jobs complemented with continuous training, rigorous coaching and sustainable networking. Are you ready to embark with us on this people-centric journey?

Why are we here?

A majority of students would like to complement their higher education studies with interesting student jobs. This is not different for those that study Management Information Systems. However, they have to rely on HR companies with staff that has no experience in IT.

Still, business-IT students are highly valuable. Their critical thinking, digital mindset and young dynamism are crucial for companies that want to remain relevant in the current environment.

HIPO Company is founded by Management Information Systems graduates and therefore it can better understand the students as the companies in the IT sector. Moreover, HIPO Company focuses on IT student jobs complemented with relevant training, rigorous coaching and sustainable networking. In that way, the students are well supported and can develop themselves faster. The companies can rely on students that create business value and may later come back as full-time employees.

For students

Are you a Management Information Systems student or another IT-related degree? And more importantly, do you want to get a head start for your IT career?

Whether you aspire to become a data scientist, business analyst or project manager, HIPO Company is looking forward to finding the perfect company for your student job. Moreover, we will continue to support you, so you can reach your full potential!

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For companies

Is your company looking for enthusiastic students that are able to bridge the gap between Business and IT? Does your company want to work with well-supported students?

HIPO Company will propose matches based on your needs. Moreover, the students receive monthly relevant training and rigorous coaching. Lastly, the students are part of the HIPO Company network and can leverage their insights to create value for your company!

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The HIPO Development Programme

The HIPO Development Programme is the core of the HIPO Company. During their student jobs the high potentials are extensively supported, boosting their job satisfaction and overall skills, turning the high potential into a high-performing employee.

relevant training

Monthly in-house content events and training sessions and an extensive learning budget enable the ultimate development of the high potential’s soft and hard skills.

Rigorous coaching

Three different types of coaches will surround the high potential. First, a dedicated HIPO coach that tackles professional and development topics. Second, a HIPO buddy focusing on the student-employee transition. Third, a mentor from the client-company that will support the integration of the high potential.

Sustainable networking

The students working via the HIPO Company will meet each other monthly at the trainings. As such, they can exchange ideas and insights sparking each other's inspiration.

What makes the HIPO Company special?

we walked the same path

As Business graduates in Management Information Systems, we understand the needs and dreams of the high potentials.

personal approach

We strongly believe that the shift towards a first job is a major step in a person’s life. As such, for the high potential to become a high-performing employee, a personal approach is crucial during their studies.

on-the-job experience

In our functions as business analysts and consultants, we thoroughly got to know the challenges surrounding junior IT functions.

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