About us

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We walked the same path

As former Management Information Systems students at the University of Antwerp, we know what motivates our peers. We are familiar with the challenges of switching from being a student to being a successful employee.

Additionally, we have witnessed many of our peers' talent not being leveraged to the full potential, leading to motivational issues and job hopping. We know from our experience what we missed in these challenging times and, as such, we made it our mission to support the business and IT specialists of tomorrow.

The foundation of the HIPO Company

Sustainably developing young potentials

The experience

We have experienced the challenges of starting in the IT sector. Moreover, we also see a lot of our peers facing the same struggles! 

The idea

One night, over a (digital) beer, we realized we could continue living with these concerns or that we could address them!

HIPO Company

We agreed to support students and organizations in finding sustainable matches. Based on our strengths, we focus on development, growth and coaching to ensure value creation for every party.

Meet the team

To every adventure, I bring enthusiasm and passion. This is easy as I always jump into the most challenging and rewarding opportunities that cross my path. I follow the motto “a challenge is just another word for a learning opportunity”. This growth mindset enabled me to do gain incredible experiences during my professional, academic and extracurricular activities. 

Besides, I have another motto: “Do not wait for a better world, but be the change agent contributing to it!” Thus, I stimulate others to create this growth mindset as well. In that way, I am a maths tutor and a mentor at Debateville where I give debating workshops. Moreover, I am well acquainted with the challenges of job seeking, application and first work experience stress. At the HIPO Company, I want to help graduates dealing with this transition period and support them to achieve their full potential.

Interests: technology, international relations and jumping into every adventure that crosses my path

VolunteeringMentor at Debateville + Maths tutor + HR of the student association for Management Information Systems of the University of Antwerp (IMBIT)

AchievementsWinner of WorldMUN 2021 by Harvard University with MUN Society Belgium + Junior Management Programme by University of Antwerp

Professional experienceBusiness analyst and business diplomacy intern

Studies: Management Information Systems Business graduate + Advanced master's degree in Diplomacy + Summer schools at Chongqing University, Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University

Philippe Van Gerwen
Philippe Van Gerwen Talent Manager

Back when I was a child I had a broad field of interests. Ranging from aviation to technology but specifically an entrepreneurial mindset. Also, I wanted to make the world a better place. The outcome of this was my first business, back in 2011 during high school, a server hosting company offering inexpensive solutions to gamers using green energy! 

Fast forward to my university where I was able to combine my interests in logistics, IT and business in the study of applied economics majoring in management information systems. This offered a great broad view into the world of management & analysis. During my time volunteering for the student organisation IMBIT, I discovered how much I liked working with people. I held the mandate of HR partner where amongst others I was responsible for coaching freshmen into the different world of higher education. 

On a personal level, I learned that I had a deeper interest in the IT world than my general study could offer. Soon it became my hobby to code and design IOT systems. I used these to make my life easier and utilize renewable energy. While I quickly knew that I didn’t want to make this my job, it was great knowledge to have during my later career. Being able to do a technical deep dive once in a while is key in any role. 

All my professional experiences combined the fields of business and IT. I worked for the majority of time as a consultant. I have completed projects in the fields (data) analysis, software development, ERP and IT infrastructure. I enjoyed multiple roles while working on the above projects and got the opportunity to do project management as well as change management. 

Working with team members and stakeholders was definitely the most fulfilling part of my previous experiences. I always liked to coach new colleagues. Naturally, working at a company that coaches talent and helps them to a stable, fulfilling job with a perspective for the future is an extraordinary thing for me to do.

Interests: technology, drones, logistics and aviation

Volunteering: HR of the student association for Management Information Systems of the University of Antwerp (IMBIT)

Ventures: Server hosting solution for gaming based on green energy + IOT system design

Professional experience: Consultant and business analyst with projects in data analysis, software development, ERP and IT infrastructure

Studies: Management Information Systems Business graduate + summer school at Chongqing University

Lars van Dijk
Lars van dijk Business Success Manager
+32 (0)487 41 13 66

As a talkative person that always consulted other people before committing to a decision, I steadily started understanding the value of coaching. It didn’t matter which topic was being covered, personal or career-bound, I always ended up with fresh insights after such talks.

Over time, I noticed that I was the one being addressed by other people, often younger than me, with career-bound questions. In these moments, I made sure to surface every doubt that I had experienced myself, while still trying to understand the path being envisioned by the other person. As such, I answered their doubts and uncertainties, accompanied by actions that I deemed to be successful. Finally, I made sure to check in afterwards and either recalibrate or celebrate.

Today, I have extensive experience in and continue coaching young potentials before and during their first working years, but most importantly, I still enjoy the coaching to the fullest.

Interests: technology, biotech, cars and cycling

Professional experience: Management Consultant in the pharmaceutical, biotech, retail and industrial sectors 

Studies: Management Information Systems Business graduate 

Foto Kristof
Kristof de pauw Independent Coach

I always wanted to be in a position where I could help others to reach their highest potential. During middle school, I was always the first student to give a helping hand when my friends didn’t understand the subject matter. When I was 15, I started to teach Economics to other students for free. Back then, I also used to play strategic and creative games. A lot of those games were based around team-playing. I was always the person to lead the team and win the game. Here I learned to see what people are good at, what potential they have and where they can compensate where others needed more guidance. This still has an impact on what I do today.

During my studies, I was involved in trying to find jobs for other students, especially students who needed to make something extra to finance their studies. The problem that not only those students faced, but also me, was the lack of communication between the students and the companies. A lot of students didn’t find the right job and were forced to do tasks that were not in line with their interests, passion or studies. I had to do labor work as a student because I didn’t find any suitable job that took advantage of my talent and knowledge. It was only after a couple of years, that I learned how to better find and attract companies to give me a chance in the form of a student job.

I find it extremely important that other students get the chance they want and deserve. Through HIPO Company, I hope to further develop a network that allows students to find and begin at a suiting student job. As I am still a student, I can make a good estimate of your capabilities and the tasks that you can handle while doing a student job. This benefits matchmaking between the student and the employer.

I feel privileged to help and guide you with the help of the other team members within HIPO Company.


Interests: Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovations (e.g. IoT), cybersecurity, cycling

Volunteering: Economics tutor, finding jobs for students

Professional experience:  Cybersecurity intern and student job

Studies: Business administration bachelor, Management information system graduate + postgraduate in entrepreneurship (current)

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Sander Van hauwe Independent talent manager
relevant training

Monthly in-house content events and training sessions and an extensive learning budget enable the ultimate development of the high potential’s soft and hard skills.

Rigorous coaching

Three different types of coaches will surround the high potential. First, a dedicated HIPO coach that tackles professional and development topics. Second, a HIPO buddy focusing on the student-employee transition. Third, a mentor from the client-company that will support the integration of the high potential.

Sustainable networking

The students working via the HIPO Company will meet each other monthly at the trainings. As such, they can exchange ideas and insights sparking each other's inspiration.