Frequently asked questions


When was HIPO Company created?

HIPO Company was created in February 2021.

What does HIPO mean?

HIPO is an abbreviation for high potentials. We focus on young, high potentials to ensure value creation for each involved party.

Can I follow HIPO Company on social media?

Currently, HIPO Company has a website and is developing the expansion to other channels.

For students

Why does HIPO Company only focus on the IT sector?

The team behind HIPO Company has experience with this sector. In order to be able to have a real impact on your development, we focus on the sector for which we studied and have worked in.

What is meant with jobs in the IT sector?

Classically, we divide them into five functions: data scientist, business analyst, functional analyst, developer and project management.

Do I work for HIPO Company if I am hired?

Your student job will be at your matched company. Still, you will be on the payroll of HIPO Company, so we are responsible for your administration, salary and seeking companies for you.

Is the HIPO Company development programme unique?

Thanks to our experience as Management Information Systems Business graduates, we truly understand your needs and concerns. In that way, we've built a development programme based on the real-life challenges that you will face.

For companies

Are the young potentials on the payroll of my company?

No, HIPO Company will charge your company a day fee for the young potential and arrange the pay-out and administration with the student. 

What are the benefits for my company?

The main benefit is that you can rely on well-supported students. Thanks to the training, coaching and networking by HIPO Company these students can create real business value for your company. Moreover, the team behind HIPO Company are all Management Information Systems graduates. In that way, we can thoroughly understand your business needs.

Your company comes also in contact with young potentials who can potentially transition to your company after graduation.

Still some questions or convinced?

All inquiries can be sent to us via our contact page or you can choose one of the options below:

Young potentials can directly send their inquiries to Philippe, our Talent Manager.

Philippe Van Gerwen
Philippe Van Gerwen Talent Manager

Companies and organizations can directly send their inquiries to Lars, our Business Success Manager.

Lars van Dijk
Lars van dijk Business Success Manager
+32 (0)487 41 13 66