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Looking for Business -IT talent?

Is your company looking for enthusiastic students that are able to bridge the gap between Business and IT? Does your company want to work with well-supported students?

HIPO Company will propose matches based on your needs. Moreover, the students receive monthly relevant training and rigorous coaching. Lastly, the students are part of the HIPO Company network and can leverage their insights to create value for your company!

The HIPO Development Programme

The HIPO Development Programme is the core of the HIPO Company. During their student jobs the high potentials are extensively supported, boosting their job satisfaction and overall skills, turning the high potential into a high-performing employee.

relevant training

Monthly in-house content events and training sessions and an extensive learning budget enable the ultimate development of the high potential’s soft and hard skills.

Rigorous coaching

Three different types of coaches will surround the high potential. First, a dedicated HIPO coach that tackles professional and development topics. Second, a HIPO buddy focusing on the student-employee transition. Third, a mentor from the client-company that will support the integration of the high potential.

Sustainable networking

The students working via the HIPO Company will meet each other monthly at the trainings. As such, they can exchange ideas and insights sparking each other's inspiration.

How we add value for your company


We allow you to focus on your core activities by (partially) taking over coaching and talent development activities 


High potentials and companies are screened on ambitions and expectations and only matches deemed fruitful are proposed

People & relationalship management

High attention for the high potential and company focusing on long-term partnerships and growing together 

Our process is easy

Role discovery

Let’s sit down and see what kind of talent you are looking for! We will design an ideal candidate and outline the career path.

Selective headhunting

We look for talent to exactly match the design. We do our own testing and interviews to determine suitability.

company interview

Cherry-picked candidates are interviewed by your company following your rules and processes.


Reach out to our Business Success Manager Lars to see how the HIPO Company and your company can cooperate! We will plan a meeting to discuss what HIPO Company can mean for your company.

You can also use our contact form: Contact us!

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Lars van dijk Business Success Manager
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