For students

Launch your career while you're still studying

Are you a Management Information Systems student or another IT-related degree? And more importantly, do you want to get a head start for your IT career?

Whether you aspire to become a data scientist, business analyst or project manager, HIPO Company is looking forward to finding the perfect company for your student job. Moreover, we will continue to support you, so you can reach your full potential!

The HIPO Development Programme

The HIPO Development Programme is the core of the HIPO Company. During their student jobs the high potentials are extensively supported, boosting their job satisfaction and overall skills, turning the high potential into a high-performing employee.

relevant training

Monthly in-house content events and training sessions and an extensive learning budget enable the ultimate development of the high potential’s soft and hard skills.

Rigorous coaching

Three different types of coaches will surround the high potential. First, a dedicated HIPO coach that tackles professional and development topics. Second, a HIPO buddy focusing on the student-employee transition. Third, a mentor from the client-company that will support the integration of the high potential.

Sustainable networking

The students working via the HIPO Company will meet each other monthly at the trainings. As such, they can exchange ideas and insights sparking each other's inspiration.

A clear and transparent process

You, the young potential is paramount in everything we do and stand for as HIPO Company. So, it is only fair to let you know what you can expect from us.

The HIPO Company is looking forward to meeting you! You are invited to send in your resume. In order to understand your situation, we start with an initial first call. Together, we determine whether the IT sector is a good fit and how you see yourself grow.

Based on your interests and development path, we find companies that would be a good match for you!

You will get regular updates and proposals. If there is a two-way match, this will lead to a contract offer.
If you start your job at the matched company, it is time to work on exciting projects and be part of an expert team. Moreover, the HIPO Development Programme kicks in at that moment.

By combining impactful training sessions and in-house knowledge sharing & networking events, we provide the necessary setting to fully grow your skills and knowledge. 

Also, you are surrounded by the three coaches to help you with the student-employee transition and to be able to integrate into the company from the first day.
Interested in having a first talk to see whether there is a fit?

Reach out to our Talent Manager Philippe: He will be glad to plan in a short call.

Overview: what do we offer you?

we walked the same path

As Business graduates in Management Information Systems, we thoroughly understand your background. You'll definitely benefit from the like-mindedness!

personal approach

We strongly believe that the shift towards a first job is a major step in a person’s life. As such, for the high potential to become a high-performing employee, a personal approach is crucial during your studies.

Interesting job

Based on your preferences, companies are sought for and proposed. 

Skill development

At the HIPO Company, we focus on relevant training. Besides soft skills, there is also a clear focus on hard skills. 

environment to grow

Thanks to the durable placement at a client-company, you can learn and grow in a stable environment. Furthermore, we partner only with companies that share the values of the HIPO Company Development Programme.


Everything at the HIPO Company starts with a casual chat. Reach out to our talent manager Philippe to see what we can do for you!

You can also use our contact form: Contact us!

Philippe Van Gerwen
Philippe Van Gerwen Talent Manager